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A celebration of Samhain, Diwali and Dia de los Muertos celebrated in Killaloe, Co. Clare The Killaloe Festival of Light occurs annually when the moon is absent (black/new moon) after the harvest full moon. It marks the end of Summer (light) and the arrival of Winter (darkness). Traditionally this would signify the end of the […]



Some footage from the KFOL ’13



Would like to volunteer at KFOL this year? We need help with the following: Bunting on the bridge Decorating the lantern parade route with candles, lanterns, etc Decorating bridge street and the Lakeside garden for the community Feast Decorate your patch – if you live along the parade route, decorate your house with lanterns and turn out […]


The Druids – Brahmins of ancient Europe

Meet the Brahmins of ancient Europe, the high caste of Celtic society By Peter Berresford Ellis The Celtic people spread from their homeland in what is now Germany across Europe in the first millennium bce. Iron tools and weapons rendered them superior to their neighbors. They were also skilled farmers, road builders, traders and inventors […]

face painting inspiration

Paint your Face

Paint your face for the Festival of Light Details The style: anything associated with ancient Ireland – be creative Where: TBC When: 23rd October 2014 Time: TBC Suitable for: Everyone…. not just kids! C’mon get into the spirit of the festival… Sponsored by: TBC